A Guide to Why Designing Your Office Space is Vital to the Health of Your Employees

Why is the design of an office space so important?

An office design can cause an unhappy employee considerable stress. Particularly during stressful work situations such as meetings, deadlines, or even a daily workload.

An employee can be brought back to their body through extreme stress. This is one of the big reasons why employers need to establish a clean and motivating work environment that keeps employees in good physical and mental condition to work.

What should you consider as an employer?

If you consider the commute required for a person to travel from his or her home to a workstation, every hour adds up. Imagine having a meeting with a client that must be able to start immediately. That meeting must be done on time so the employee’s important client isn’t waiting any longer. The employee is now several hours behind the deadline and is feeling a lot of stress!

There may even be other stressful situations that happen during the day but to stress out during the late afternoon or end of the day can result in employees feeling less motivated to go to work each day.

Therefore, by making some simple changes such as making the office space more open or establishing a break out area for employees to take a breather can make a big difference.

How to improve an office space

If you’re considering how to get your employees where they need to be collectively and individually, a good beginning mental health strategy include getting your employees together and brainstorming ideas for improving the office environment and employee’s well-being.

All voluntary meetings between team members immediately afterward should focus on the general parameters that you’re employees are looking for in their new work workspace environment. Here, you should ask open-ended questions such as:

  • What kind of resources should be available to help the employees in their potential work plight?
  • Do they have access to books, magazines, picture frames, computers?
  • Are there any groups or organizations important to your members that may not have regular access to company’s products or services?
  • How will you motivate your employees?
  • What kind of feedbacks or opinions would you receive from your employees on work related materials?

This sort of meeting has a number of other objectives for keeping both team and individual employees in good mental health condition. Emotional as well as physical health, in an effort to match your company’s goals pertaining to deadlines, flexibility, location, insurance, time, and resources.

How does motivation come into play?

Motivation is an important part of implementing a good work environment. In a survey conducted by the Workplace Health Research Institute in 2005, those surveyed stated that each of their employees could have been offered more job security because of their feelings of work-life balance.

The more time an employee spends at work is a valuable resource in the likelihood of reduced stress for that employee. Using the last 20 years of medical science, now there is research showing that coffee consumption is beneficial. A competitive salary for a top coffee shop gets you to the place where you make it to work every day the same way you pick you’s face. One could use a questionnaire measuring total coffee consumption and find the persons habits.

How to motivate employees

Good employee incentive programs are another way to offer employees motivation. Everyone is reading about weight loss or diets. It’s high on the list of popular substances these days and anyone can read it and develop an eating habit for themselves. Everything is published and easily accessible. However if healthy habits can be measured they require a solid foundation.

Today the number one drug of abuse is coffee and the number one drug for depression are stimulants. Even prescription drugs have been linked to depression. Coffee seems so normal for most of us that we don’t give it a second thought. The final message is to stay on top of the health and nutrition of employees. It’s global impact needs to make an environmental impact.

Wrapping it up

In order to facilitate employee health and well-being practices, companies ought to zero in on the most important factors in a company’s overall health and well-being initiatives. Designing the office space appropriately being one of them.

HCRIS reports that up to eight out of ten people will have a chronic or advanced shortage of Serotonin. Studies have shown that people with depression are depressed not by their bodies, but by their brains and this is related to their office space.

Published by Tazmin Brooks

I aim to provide my clients with a spacious office environment, business tips and all the advice equipped to meet every business need.

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